Amazon sales launch

If you want to sell your products globally, you’ve come to the right place. Amazon is the perfect platform for your business expansion. However, such opportunities come with some challenges, and our mission is to solve these challenges and make sure that your Amazon business is done correctly and safely.

At every stage, we are available by phone and e-mail. We are happy to answer your questions

During the introductory interview, we get to know your assortment and try to determine the potential of the products. During a free consultation, we can quickly check the current sales results of given products and thus select the appropriate assortment for sale on Amazon. If there is such a need, we can test the sales potential of a given product, i.e. perform an in-depth demand and sales analysis of a given product.

Knowing the assortment we want to sell, we will help you choose convenient markets and forms of distribution of goods (FBM vs FBA) and discuss issues related to VAT. We will help in completing the formalities related to maximizing the chances of success on Amazon. In this step, we will also determine how to prepare your sales offer - see more

When we have all the necessary materials, we proceed to create your offer on Amazon. We set up an account for you and optimize all settings in such a way as to maximize the sale of your products. The next step is marketing activities (coupons, discounts, PPC campaigns) aimed at making your products stand out from the competition.

The last step is control and optimization of sales. With the help of special tools, we are able to measure the position of the keywords of your products, which gives us control and monitoring of the effectiveness of marketing activities. At this stage, we consult the current sales effects and the possibility of increasing them in the future.

What is included in the "Sales Launch" package?


A service for discussing any issues related to selling on Amazon. During the conversation, our expert will answer every question and explain the process of selling on Amazon in a simple and accessible way. Consultation takes place using a program that allows screensharing. We have tools with which we can check the sales results of any products in the Amazon catalog, research their sales history and quickly draw conclusions from the analysis of this data.

Create an account

We prepare for you a list of documents needed to set up a seller account on Amazon. When we receive the list of necessary documents, we register the account in accordance with Amazon's policy.

Account settings

When the account is correctly registered, we go to the account settings - settings for shipping templates, return addresses and return policy, information about the seller, automate invoicing or automate pricing.

Customer service

During the 30-day period of our sales launch service, we handle customer inquiries in 6 languages ​​(PL, UK, DE, IT, ES, FR). We check the account at least twice a day so that each customer gets a response within 12 hours.

PCC promotions and campaigns

The last step in introducing your company to global markets using the Amazon platform is setting up promotions and PPC campaigns to maximize sales and visibility of your product range.

Create FBA Shipments

Having a ready product catalog, we move on to creating a shipment of your products to Amazon warehouses. We provide guidelines for the preparation of products for shipment, discuss various variants and answer any questions regarding the shipment of goods in the FBA system.

Creation of a product catalog

In this step, we create a catalog of your products on Amazon based on best practices and in line with Amazon's policy. If required, we unlock a product category or approve a new brand on Amazon. If you have a Trademark for your company, we register it in the Amazon Brand Registry.

Contact with Amazon

All problems and ambiguities with Amazon are solved by us so that your sales account retains the best statistics and to avoid account blockage. We contact Amazon support in every matter related to the sale of your products on this platform. These include resolving A-Z claims, removing negative comments (in line with Amazon's policy), refunds etc.

Sales monitoring

Throughout the duration of the service, we monitor sales statistics, analyze data and draw conclusions to maximize sales of your products. Using specialized tools, we track the organic positions of keywords, while measuring the progress in the positioning of your products.

Account health

Taking care of "account health" is one of our priorities. Statistics from the "account health" tab are monitored by us on a daily basis to prevent account lockouts and provide your customers with the best shopping experience in your Amazon store. If any statistics are at risk, we immediately turn to you with the solutions we propose. Each action is taken in accordance with Amazon's policy.