PCC campaigns and other promotions on Amazon

Our experts will propose a range of possibilities to promote your products on Amazon, presenting them in a simple and accessible way. The most popular form of promotion on Amazon are the so-called PPC campaigns. Our many years of experience in the field of PPC on Amazon result in exceptional sales results, which we can boast about.

Our PPC activities are based on the use of special programs to monitor the positioning process. In addition to PPC campaigns, we have promotion forms such as discounts, coupons, and external traffic. We will select the right tools for your business on Amazon.

During the consultation, we will talk about the products you want to promote, the markets in which the promotions will take place and the budget.

After getting acquainted with the guidelines set during the consultation, we move on to creating promotional campaigns.

For those who have decided to choose the option of subscription PPC service, we offer full advertising and optimization of the campaign consisting in, among other things, tracking the position of keywords over time.