Product sales potential analysis on Amazon

Selling on Amazon can be great business, but not every product meets the criteria for being a hen that lays the proverbial “golden eggs”. If you are not sure if your product has a chance for sales success on Amazon, we can perform an in-depth analysis of the sales potential of a given product.

Using specialized tools, we perform an in-depth analysis of the competition and on this basis we conduct an in-depth analysis of the demand and supply side of a given product and a given product niche. As a result, it allows you to create a complete picture of the product’s potential, its competition and the conditions in a given product niche. It is worth taking such actions, because it significantly increases the chance of success in global markets.

To start analyzing the sales potential of a product, we need to know what the product is about - and this is the goal of step one. You present us the product you are talking about so that we can go to the analysis.

Using special tools, we first identify competitors and then analyze their sales history, listings, product comments, etc. In total, the test consists of sixteen steps.

You receive a file with competitors asins, sixteen tests and final conclusions and recommendations.

The file will include data such as: Sales volume, the most important keywords + search volume of these keywords, sales volume in the entire niche, rating of competitors' listings, average rating of comments, etc.