Unblocking the account

A blocked account on Amazon is the bane of many sellers. The unclear reason for the blockade or problems with communication with Amazon’s support are daily bread. If you are one of those to whom this happened, we are here to help. We have managed to unblock dozens of accounts on Amazon, which is why we offer you our experience in this matter.

To unblock your account, we need to get to know the case. This is the purpose of our initial consultation. During the conversation, we will find out about the circumstances of the account blockage in order to be able to proceed.

In this step, we will ask you to grant us access to your account. This action takes place in accordance with Amazon's procedures - in the settings / user permission tab, you enter our e-mail and grant us access to the account. From now on, we can write with Amazon support on your behalf. After unblocking the account, you remove our email address from the user permission tab, thus depriving us of access to the account.

You must submit a recovery plan to unlock your Amazon account. Our experience allows us to correctly write such a plan. It is possible that Amazon will ask for some documents during this step. Then we turn to you with a request for these documents and on the basis of them or with the repair plan itself, we unblock the account.